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Tommy’s Sausage Ragu

September 5 2016
This recipe was inspired by my 12 year old son who wanted to cook with me on the last day of his summer holidays (I think he had become...  more >

My first organic vegetable box

September 5 2016
Last week we took the plunge in our house and decided to start ordering an organic vegetable box once a week.  We have done this for two main reasons....  more >

Summer in the city – New York, New York

August 30 2016
Stress? Yes, I do suffer with some too now and then especially as this last year has been rather shouty and chaotic with exam stress in our household. Thankfully, it...  more >

Getting healthy with Growing Health at the Triangle Garden

May 24 2016
It has been almost a year since I volunteered at the Triangle Community Garden Growing Health group in Hitchin. Wow! the year has flown by and I wanted to write...  more >

Find your goal and take action

May 24 2016
This May saw the start of my first-born go through her GCSE exams. Just the thought of it takes me back to my 16 year old self and fills...  more >

Decide, Design, Do and Enjoy!

March 18 2016
We are now officially into Spring and as we wake from our slumber some of you may be finding your clothes feeling a little tighter after the sluggishness of...  more >

Are anti-depressants the only option?

December 18 2015
A doctor can certainly offer medication for work related stress conditions but not everybody feels comfortable with this approach so Complementary therapies like Nutritional Therapy can offer an alternative...  more >

The Power of Plants

December 10 2015
Following on from my previous blog about eating healthily at Christmas, this week I have decided to focus on open up my readers to a plant based way of...  more >

Is lunch for wimps?

November 19 2015
These days, many employees do not take a lunch break. This may be for several reasons: perhaps they feel the culture within their organisation frowns upon it; perhaps they...  more >

Healthy eating at Christmas needn’t be a chore

November 12 2015
It is definitely starting to feel like we are entering into the “crazy” Christmas lead up. Last week we saw the barrage of Christmas adverts released by the various supermarkets....  more >
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