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Decluttering your kitchen

January 25 2018
What has decluttering got to do with my health, I hear you ask…. well, quite a lot as it happens.  A healthy kitchen provides the foundation for a healthy...  more >

How Stress Might Be Affecting Your Sleep

January 2 2018
Photo: Pixabay There is increasing evidence that Britain has a problem with stress, especially in its workforce. According to the report ‘Work-related Stress, Depression or Anxiety Statistics in Great...  more >

The importance of the second brain

October 5 2017
Ever had a “gut feeling”? or felt like you have a nervous tummy? Well this is because the gut and the brain are closely linked. The gut can upset the brain just as...  more >

How to reduce stress naturally

October 4 2017
As a self employed working mother of two teenage children, one dog, one husband and ageing parents I know only too well how life can become stressful all too...  more >

Making Chicken Stock (Bone Broth)

February 20 2017
You may recall the old wives tale your mother told you of how chicken soup is what you need when you are under the weather.. Well, there is some...  more >

Video: Cooking with Karen – Sweet Potato Veggie Curry

January 18 2017
Sweet Potato Curry (serves 4-5) Prep Time: 5 mins Cook Time: 10 mins You will need: 1 leek chopped 1/2 red pepper chopped 2 sweet potatoes 1 courgette 3cm...  more >

7 days kickstart to Health Goals

December 29 2016
The worse thing about new year’s resolutions is that they do not usually see through to the end of January, let alone the year. And the reason why? is...  more >

Cooking with confidence: Butternut Squash curry

November 14 2016
One of the things that I have learned since teaching cookery skills to my group at the Triangle Garden is that healthy eating is heavily influenced by the ability and...  more >

Stress!!!!! What Stress??

November 2 2016
Many people every day say that they are stressed.  It is a loose emotional term used to describe their current “busy-ness” of life. However, to some people, stress is...  more >

The U.K’s Obesity Crisis: Education is the answer

October 20 2016
I was so pleased to watch Dr Ranjan Chatterjee on BBC Breakfast this morning, discussing the need for GP’s to be educated further in how nutrition and exercise can...  more >
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