Weight Loss Programmes work with Neuro Nutrition 

Behavioural Change Therapies (NEURO)  + Nutritional Therapy (NUTRITION)

There are a variety of different approaches to losing weight from dietary measures to drastic surgery. It does not matter which approach you choose, they all involve a change in diet or activity behaviour.

These programmes have been specifically designed to combine behavioural change techniques with Nutritional Therapy. By using this two pronged approach this offers our clients a far greater measure of success as it motivates & inspires our clients to make the change that they need to achieve their goals.

To lose weight successfully and keep it off it is important to realise from the outset that fad diets do not work. The mere word “diet” brings up connotations of depriving ourselves. By telling ourselves we cannot have something it automatically makes us think of it more.   So how do we change this? We change our behaviour.

How it works

In our clinics our Behavioural Change experts teach people to see their body as a computer and the brain is the nerve centre of all programs. We believe in reprogramming the brain, changing your food choices and eating habits, so that it is how you view food and eating that changes forever.

Emotional eating is the primary cause of obesity.  As the human psyche veers towards pleasure and away from pain it is food that comes to mind during stressful episodes or upset because it makes you feel good.

In the world of NLP, neurological pathways are created by habit and repetition. A neurological pathway is a habit forming thought process that occurs unconsciously and links events in our lives to habitual thoughts and behaviour. By changing our clients relationship with food we are able to effectively re-program the neurological pathway to make a healthier choice.

Our Neuro Nutrition programme consists of five consultations over a period of 5 weeks whereby each consultation is alternated between Behavioural Change work and Nutritional Therapy work.

The Neuro Nutrition Program

A combination of sessions with a BSC Qualified Nutritional Health Specialist and a Behavioural Change Practitioner (qualified in Clinical Hypnotherapy, NLP and Cognitive Behavioural Techniques).

Sessions address the cause of the weight gain with our behavioural change specialist and the effect facilitated by our Nutritional specialist

Work prior to the Appointment

Prior to your consultation you will be asked to complete a Mood & Food diary over seven days listing all the foods consumed plus an entry of mood to establish recognition of stressors. This can be emailed to us prior to your appointment. This will be a requirement on a weekly basis throughout the five week period in order to keep track of the client’s progress and offer guidance and support where required.

Cost 695.00 payable in advance

Duration 5 weeks

Laboratory Testing and Supplements not included

If you wish to book this programme or would like further details please contact us on 01462 431112