Full time working Woman in her mid 30’s, married

Reason for visit: Tired all the time, stressed at work, unable to conceive for several years, IBS symptoms, acne intermittent

Programme offered: Stress-Less Programme

What we found: Our consultation highlighted that this lady was highly stressed at work. Her mealtimes were spent in front of the computer. She did not take regular breaks at work. She spent the whole weekend in bed. Had no energy for exercise. Her diet lacked fresh fruit and vegetables particularly green vegetables (which she was not keen on). She had being trying for a baby for several years without success. She was taking medication for acne & IBS.

Our recommendation: Firstly, we recommended she carried out a Adrenal Stress Profile test to assess her cortisol and DHEA levels. The results indicated an extreme low level of cortisol (Stage 3 of Stress) and blood sugar imbalance. We explained that low cortisol levels may reduce the level of reproductive hormones.

Her recommended diet was to incorporate protein and carbohydrates at each mealtime. To eat little and often using a mid morning and mid afternoon snack. Recipes and snacks ideas were given as she lacked creativity with her food choices. We offered information on other food sources and cooking methods that had not been explored. We also suggested MegaMag Energen Plus, a supplement containing magnesium that would increase her energy levels.

We also suggested she attended meditation/yoga or pilates for relaxation. Life Coaching & Hypnotherapy sessions were also offered with our Behavioural Change therapist.

Result: Two months after the initial consultation she became pregnant. The original tiredness had reduced. She was managing her work regime more appropriately with the use of an Action Plan and taking regular breaks. By utilising our quick meal planner she enjoyed cooking new recipes and found that it was no longer a chore to prepare after work. Her overall outlook was positive and excited for the future.