Man in his late thirties, recently engaged

Reason for visit: Suffered spasmodic abdominal bloating, suspected he had a gluten intolerance, although his diet eliminated gluten he still suffered bouts of toilet urgency whilst commuting which was causing him anxiety. Was soon to be married and wanted to sort out this problem beforehand.

Programme offered: Food Intolerance Testing

What we found: Our consultation highlighted that although this gentleman suffered a little stress at work, this was not the main reason for his symptoms. He currently lives alone and hiss mealtimes were rushed due to the nature of his work. His diet consisted mainly of the same food groups and he lacked imagination with meal variety. He decided to cut out gluten and chose gluten free processed foods.

Our recommendation: Firstly, we explained a little more around which foods were gluten free and not. We also explained that there were other intolerance (s) that could be causing the abdominal disturbances and suggested he carried out a Food Intolerance test to see.

His recommended diet was to incorporate more vegetables as these seemed to be limited.  To eat little and often using a mid morning and mid afternoon snack. Recipes and snacks ideas were given as he lacked creativity with his food choices. He found that cooking for one was wasteful. We offered information on other food sources and cooking methods that had not been explored. He was also advised to increase his water intake substantially.

After 10 days his Food Intolerance showed that he was lactose intolerant, wheat intolerant and pulses were also to be restricted. So we recommended that he steered clear of these foods for 4 weeks and keep and mood and food diary to measure progress.

Result: Four weeks after the initial consultation he had noticed a drastic change in his symptoms.  No abdominal bloating. He even said his energy levels were better and anxiety had gone. His overall outlook was positive and excited for the future.