Price & Policy

Standard 3 Session Package

Step 1: Pre consultation

Before we have a have a nutrition consultation, we like to have a free 20 minute chat with prospective patients to ensure that our services are appropriate to their needs.

After arranging the consultation, you will be emailed a questionnaire and food diary to fill out and email me back in advance of our session. The completed questionnaire should be emailed back at least 48 hours before our session. This enables us to build a preliminary picture of your health and also gives us an opportunity to research any specific points raised on the forms where appropriate.

 Step 2: Initial consultation  Face to Face or via Skype

The first consultation lasts 60-90 minutes. During the initial consultation we will gather a detailed picture of your health by asking various questions. Once areas of imbalance and deficiency have been identified, we will jointly agree upon a bespoke nutritional protocol with accompanying food plan.

The protocol will include the following:

An explanation of how your dietary and lifestyle habits may be contributing to your symptoms

A bespoke dietary and lifestyle program designed specifically to your needs.

Personalised dietary supplement programme

Step 3: Follow up Consultations Face to face or via Skype

Follow up consultations are booked in at the end of your initial consultation and last up to an hour. These are used to check on progress, make adjustments where necessary and evaluate test results.

Initial consultations and first 2 follow ups are paid for at time of booking.


Standard 3 session package: to include initial consultation, report, investigatory diagnostics and 2 follow ups.

This is our base level package includes 3 consultations recommended for all clients. £350

Single Sessions

We offer single consultations who only require a single consultation priced at £125

Functional Tests

The functional tests that are used by Nutritional Therapists may include:

• Comprehensive stool analysis
• Adrenal Stress (Cortisol/DHEA) Profile
• Female hormone panels
• Urinary organic acid analysis
• Digestive function investigations
• Blood chemistries
• Food intolerance/sensitivity to food tests – these can be posted direct to your home or taken in clinic
..and others as required.

All laboratory tests will be charged separately. If any testing if recommended or required, your Nutritional therapist will inform you of the costs prior to ordering.

Cancellation Policy

For Appointments
Due to the enormous popularity and demand for these clinics and to protect our valued clients, we have a strict cancellation process in place. Cancellation with 48 hours notice 50% fee will be invoiced to the client. Cancellation with 24 hours notice 100% fee will be invoiced to the client. The Life Practice Nutrition reserves the right to cancel consultations in unavoidable situations and full refunds (pro-rata) will be made.

How can I pay for my sessions?

We accept cash, cheques or credit cards when making your booking or payable in advance of your appointment


Success of our recommendations depend entirely on an individual’s commitment to attending sessions and following action plans agreed between the practitioner and client. In the specific case of clinical hypnosis, susceptibility can be varied and this will be tested prior to any hypnosis sessions taking place. Nutritional Therapy is not a replacement for medical advice. I will always recommend that you consult with your GP for a serious health condition. Nutritional Therapy can and is frequently used along side conventional medical treatment, either to support treatment or to alleviate some of the side effects.