7 days kickstart to Health Goals

The worse thing about new year’s resolutions is that they do not usually see through to the end of January, let alone the year. And the reason why? is because many do not put a smart plan in place. As they say….

if you fail to plan then you plan to fail

So today I am sharing with you my 7 day Kickstart to health Goal Plan which will prepare you over a countdown of seven days towards the start of your new regime towards achieving your health goals.

You will put in place small changes which will have big effects on you. These small changes will prepare you for creating new habits and leading a healthier lifestyle so that being healthy is part of your life rather than something you sometimes do.

Seven day kickstart to health goals

Day 1 – Decide what you wish to achieve and Make your plan. 

Timetable what it is you wish to achieve in a realistic manner. What exactly do you want to achieve and by when? How will you fit it around work, kids, family. What does it look like, feel like and how will you know when you have achieved it.

How are you going to work towards this goal?

What needs to be in place?

Write everything down and stick it in a place where you will review it every day until you reach your goal.


Day 2 – Support:

Let people know that you are busy for the duration of your health kick. Invite friends to join you. Partner with a friend to keep you on track. Explain to your family what it is that you are trying achieve and why? How will it benefit you and them? Ask for support with your plan. 

Day 3- Prepare your food

Plan your weekly meals in advance: breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks, this way you will refrain from being caught short and eating on the hoof. Always choose fresh produce rather than processed, this way you will be giving your body the nutrients it needs for energy. Avoid all processed, salty, sugary foods that can leave you feeling sleepy, a bit like what kryptonite did to Superman!

Recognise where the temptation is. Do you regularly go for drinks after work? Do you change your diet at the weekend? Are you a social smoker? Look for these habits and put in place other activities to avoid these for the duration of your health kick.

Day 4 – decide what equipment you need

January sales are a great time to stock up on items that you may not already have in the house. Nutri bullet for smoothies, gym gear, new bag, shower gel, new towel, treat yourself to a new pair of trainers in the sales.  Purchase an Exercise DVD, yoga mat, book of local walks, all these items may help you in your quest for the New YOU.

Day 5 – Clear out the Christmas treats

Xmas treats should be coming to an end now so it’s time to clear out your food cupboards and replace all sweets, cakes, processed foods, crisps, sugar with fresh fruit, cans of tinned fish for quick meals, tinned pulses, fresh fish and meat and raw nuts and seeds.

Arrange internet shopping or a regular fruit and vegetable delivery box to ensure there is plenty to eat when hungry. When planning your weekly meals: breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. try to aim to eat protein and carbohydrates at each meal as they will leave you satisfied for longer.

Stock your office drawer with healthy alternatives – arrange for a fruit basket to be delivered instead

Day 5 – Get active!

Whether it’s a brisk walk to work, a lunch time jaunt or an evening workout at the gym with a friend. Work out what exercise works for you and timetable this in to your week.  DO NOT say that you don’t have time – MAKE TIME even if it is only 20 minutes in your living room before you shower in the morning. There are many exercise DVD’s to choose from, as well as, an abundance of apps and online videos to guide you in all sorts of exercises.

If you are a member of a gym, enjoy the other classes/facilities on offer , for example, try a new class, sauna, steam room or swim. You can create a mini spa after your workout for a real de-stress after work. This will aid your sleep too.

Is your playlist motivating enough? Download some motivational tunes or an audiobook that will inspire you to listen to during your exercise. Start with two sessions in the first week and build up from there.

Stretch – After you have exercised always stretch your muscles as this will prevent you from aching too much the next day. Quite often the aching can stop us from wanting us to continue with exercise.

Day 6 –  Hydrate!

Purchase a water bottle to ensure that you hydrate at least 2 litres of water a day. Sometimes we mistake hunger for thirst so it is important to keep hydrated especially if you have introduced more exercise than you would usually do. By keeping hydrated we reduce tiredness and allow the body to function as it should.

Day 7 – Go for it

Your new plan starts today. Take a photo of the reward that you will give yourself when you achieve your health goal and stick it on the bathroom mirror and the fridge to keep you focussed. Take a selfie to watch your progress over the days and weeks. Keep in mind why you are doing this and the benefits that you will reap. Most of all enjoy the challenge of ridding your life of being sluggish tired and tressed and look forward to health and happiness ahead.



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